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Shingle Roofs vs. Tile Roofs 

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If you think all roofs are the same, you are very wrong. Actually, there are a lot of available superior roofing materials. Here are several facts about the differences between utilizing shingles and tile for a new roof in Arlington if you’re attempting to choose what type of material to utilize. There are a lot of considerations of a shingle roof or tile roof system. It’s greatly recommended to know what roof is better you’re the climate you are currently living in. 

 Tile Roofs

Cost Difference 

The price is the 1st noticeable difference when comparing shingle roofs and tile roofs. Shingles are cheaper than tiles. Usually, the price of a tile is double to a shilge. But, the lifespan of tile is also twice that of shingle. Thus, it works out to be fair. One thing to consider is that bad weather and strong winds could knock your shingles off much easier than with tiles. A tile roof could endure much more strain and are more durable. 

The Climate Best for Shingle and Tile 

The climate your location has is a significant matter to consider. It might not be a bad idea to use shingles if you are living in a weather-wise and easier climate. You won’t be at a disadvantage as a purchaser if you have a tight budget. But, it might be a good idea to use tiles if you are living in the Southern part of the US, as well as areas that are snow-ridden. In cold climates, tiles do work great. These roofs aren’t just for sunny or warm areas. They are great conductors and snow slides easily from its surface.  

According to several professionals, a tile roof could last around 50 years. On the other hand, a shingle roof could last around 20 years. Nevertheless, regardless of what type of roof you select, you’re getting much lifespan for your roof with some maintenance. There are various types of warranties for every roof. This depends on the manufacturer of the material and the contractor. But, tile roof systems have normally a longer warranty.  

Weight Handling 

The sturdiness of the roof is another feature that you need to think about. Not all roofs could take the weight of a heavy tile roof. To know what the weight capacity of your roof is, you should consult one of the roofing contractors you hire. After that, you could then select the type based on your end goal, climate, and budget.

When you want to resell your house, tile is certainly the best option. Generally, it is not significant as having a great roof. However, ask your real estate agent about houses in your location and the types of roofs they have if you have the option. This is to know if there are any differences in what type of houses sell faster. You would find it really significant in several areas. On the other hand, other places do not care about the type of roof you have.

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